Treating viral infections with NIS

by Dr Allan Phillips D.O.

The ability to successfully treat viruses is one of the most powerful attributes of the NIS system. With NIS, practitioners can quickly address the manifestations of viral activity. However...I find the science behind the treatment of viral infections with NIS seems to be somewhat misunderstood by some.

When the DNA is subjected to viral antigens the viral nucleic acid DNA replicates using the host cell. During this process the host cell can become damaged. When we screen for viral activity we are essentially trying to ascertain what the brain ‘understands’ about the status of the tissue in the respective glands we are screening.

To do this, a micro-dot size sample of blood acts as the uncontaminated DNA to be the benchmark to represent ‘normal’ or ‘self’. Many of you ask….‘but what if the micro dot is contaminated in some way?’ It is possible that some people have conditions where the micro-dot does contain compromised DNA but for the purposes of screening for viruses, the disparity between the DNA in the blood and the affected tissue in the gland will always be great enough. This also then answers the question of whether the patient can keep their micro-dot sample and re-use at a later time - the answer is yes.

We also receive a lot of questions about different viruses by name...

Can I treat the _xxxx_ virus with NIS?

NIS deals with ALL viruses in only one way, and the brain does not differentiate between viral types - it merely differentiates between what is ‘self’ and ‘non-self’. This includes viral encephalitis of the brain, which seems to be a common question.

One exception to the rule with the timing of treatment for viruses is the Herpes virus. This is best treated during the active phase. Cold sores are included in this. It is possible that you may treat the patient during up to 3 active phases. Each time you treat them it is possible you may find the virus in a different gland.

Up until more recently NIS viral corrections allowed access to a general level of investigation only. But since 2009 new research has seen us utilising the driving power of 7 ‘engines’ to examine the possibility of viral activity in specific tissue, in the brain itself, and in the cranial nerves. A viral infection of any sort can undermine every other protocol in the NIS system. Hemispheric incongruence will continue until this pathology is treated. It is essential that it be re-checked every time you see a patient, and checked thoroughly!


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