How does NIS work?

During an NIS treatment your practitioner uses a muscle test* and runs though of series of checks (the NIS system). 

By contacting specific anatomical contact points** your practitioner is able to identify which signals between the neurology (brain) and physiology (body) are not getting through.
These points are similar to those used in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. 
For example your practitioner can access information about your liver gland, by contacting the meridian liver pulse on your left hand. Example 1

Our approach is unique in that we are accessing the intelligence of the brain through muscle testing and using these external anatomical contact points.   
We do not use any machines, manipulation, drugs/ medications, special diets, or exercises.


When a disconnected signal is identified we use a method called integration*** and ‘tap’ a very specific area of the cranium so that the brain is able to restore the signal.   

Once this happens and communication resumes, the neurology (brain) is able to begin returning your physiology (body) back to its optimum function.  Example 2

So in turn the symptom/s you are experiencing will begin to resolve.

For more information on how NIS can help you or your family personally, please contact your local practitioner.




Muscle testing has been scientifically validated as an indicator of altered physiological function. D.A Monti, ET AL, 1999.
We use the Meridian System, a proven series of anatomical contact points used in Chinese Medicine that enable access to glands, organs & muscles.
Integration is the proprietary research of Neurolink based on the neuro-scientific premise that collective stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain reinforces recognition of the contact points (meridians) being contacted at the time.

Principles of NIS>

Example 1:
The muscle test asks the question “is the signal between your liver and the brain getting through”?


If the muscle stays strong:
The signal is fine, the liver is functioning as it should.

If the muscle goes weak:  
Then the signal is not getting through and your liver may not be functioning as well as it should.  

A poorly functioning liver can cause a number of different issues…
Poor digestion – if your liver is unable to make the bile you need to digest food
Chronic fatigue – if your liver is unable to store iron you could feel tired and lethargic

Example 2:
The practitioner uses the integration method so now when we muscle test
The muscle stays strong 

With a clear signal the brain can now go about restoring function to the liver.
The action is immediate, but the resolution of your symptom/s can take up to 72 hours.