How does NIS work?

Regardless of complaint, real causes can only be resolved when the neurological circuitry that governs ALL body function is considered.
Only the brain knows WHY it occurs and how it can be rectified.
NIS is based on the neurophysiological principle that the brain determines optimum function of all body systems. The brain is the gateway to control the signal to every cell in the body.
From time to time these signals become overloaded (HOW?), and can in some cases become totally distracted. Now potential function becomes reduced and symptom patterns can evolve.

When this happens the brain no longer has full communication with the area of function represented by that signal. 
The brain is aware of the symptom pattern, but it no longer has full control of the signal that represents the deeper underlying causes.
Using the NIS system practitioners look for congruence between the BRAIN and certain neurological centres.

To identify any 'disengaged' signals practitioners using the NIS system (a series of prioritised protocols) hold specific anatomical contact points and do a MUSCLE TEST to identify any issues that have been pushed past their tolerance levels. 
Once identified they facilitate the BRAIN to re-set the circuitry in order for all the body systems to return to optimum potential - for that individual.


NIS gives YOU the tools to investigate and identify these causal issues for your patients using it’s proprietary treatment YOU become a facilitator in re-setting these neurological patterns, so that the brain can correct the underlying dysfunction.

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NIS is not a technique! 
It is a system of prioritised treatment protocols that are applied with the patient in a
pre-determined sequence. 
The essence of the NIS system, and what makes is very different from other modalities is that NIS does NOT

 involve the mind
 involve manipulation    
 require practitioner intent  
 require drugs
 require special diets 
 require homework 

What determines a persons
individual tolerance level?

What causes a persons individual tolerances to be exceeded? 

What is a persons optimum


How does the practitioner facilitate the brain to make the corrections?