NIS Academy

The NIS Academy is a global body of practitioners committed to offering specialist healthcare to patients, utilising the Neurological Integration System (NIS), developed by Neurolink & taught globally through the NIS Seminar Program.     

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Membership Levels

Academy 3 Trainers:
Our NIS trainers are the most up-to-date practitioners with access to new research & treatment procedures first. Endorsed by Neurolink®, members are qualified to teach NIS seminars.
Academy 2 Certified
Members have passed the NIS Certification Examination evaluating their practical, clinical & theoretical understanding of NIS & are endorsed by Neurolink. Certification Guide
Academy 1 Proficient:
Members have passed an NIS Proficiency Assessment evaluating their competency with NIS and their foundational understanding of anatomy and physiology from an NIS perspective. Academy Guide