Neurological Integration System (NIS)
developed by Neurolink®

Why learn NIS?


NIS uses lastest CELLULAR research to address CAUSES not symptoms. ONLY by addressing health at CELL LEVEL can optimum sustainability be achieved.  Developed by Dr Allan Phillipsthis cutting edge approach is used in clinics and practices globally.

It’s one of the most frustrating experiences when a patient’s complaint recurs or will not resolve. 
The issue: Sometimes we are treating all the symptoms with our current techniques, but despite what we may think we are not linking to the real causes.
The body collects and manifests symptoms (through spinal problems for example) but only the brain can detect and address underlying causes.

NIS gives you the keys to address the causal factors you have not had access to until now.

The spectrum of complaints:



Let the brain detect and correct the cause of:

  • Stiff back–assess restriction of the dural membrane due to pathological infection
  • Sciatica – looking beyond the piriformis
  • Joint pain and dehydration
  • Cervical pain and hypochloridia
  • Ligament laxity and CNS breakdown
  • Spinal alignment and mobility – the crucial role of the cerebellum
  • Fatigue – unveiling the real reasons patients are tired
    Spinal distortion due to viral and bacterial pathology 


Everyday hundreds of practitioners use NIS worldwide.
There is only ONE reason for this – IT WORKS!


Use NIS on its own, or in conjunction with other healthcare modalities... 
Chiropractor D.C.
Acupuncture T.C.M 
Physiotherapist P.T.
Naturopath N.D. 
Medical Doctor
Registered Nurse R.N

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