Practitioner Details

Name: Dr Randall Robirds

Practice: Applied Health Dynamics

Profession: Chiropractic

Qualifications: Certified Practitioner

Description:  I operate an NIS-based holistic practice. My background is in Applied Kinesiology, Total Body Modification, and Theta Healing. Now, NIS and its ability to enhance my patients' health is the primary modality of health care delivery. We have been open in the same location since 1996. As in the Neurological Integration System (NIS) of healthcare management and well being, we specialize in normalizing and balancing the body's vital systems first. Then, our focus is the imbalance in the system's operation dysfunction to return it to its highest set of functional systemic management between brain and body. Thus, a sense and reality of well-being is achieved. This is the goal with all of our patients. NIS works in a superb fashion integrating seamlessly into our clinic's operational environment and philosophy.

7505 Pacific Heights Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89128 UNITED STATES
(702) 646-1150

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