Sudden onset of Dizziness

Patient: 32-yr old female

Complaint: 6 week history of sudden onset of dizziness. “Feels like I’m spinning around the room”. No history of trauma and can’t think of a reason for it. Head feels full of air, doesn’t feel like a balance problem as such.

Medical Diagnosis: Patient had an MRINAD, Neurologist-NAD, X-rays. Was told there was “arthritis”. Otherwise no specific details given on any of the findings made.

NIS Treatment Findings:  By the second visit the dizziness had dissipated, it took about 4-5 days to re-occur post treatment.  By the third visit the patient had only had 3 episodes in the past 7 days lasting 15 seconds each.  After the third treatment the dizziness was completly gone - there was no need for a fourth treatment.

Neurolink Summary:
A very good example of the limiting factors associated with trying to read function from static film.  The functional ‘feedback’ using NIS gives the practitioner a dramatic view of our “entire intelligence”.

Submitted by:
Dr Adrian Hubbard, Osteopath
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
July 2008


NIS Academy 2 Member: Certified