What does NIS treat?


Specialising in acute pain & chronic illness we use the latest scientific research at a cellular level to address CAUSES not symptoms. ONLY by addressing your health at cell level can you achieve optimum sustainability.

Labels are names given to combinations of symptoms.  E.g. Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines.
There are over 600,000 possible symptoms that the human body is capable of experiencing!


Our approach to common labels E.g. Allergies

Other modalities: Treat the allergy with medication.
NIS system: Investigates WHY the person is experiencing symptoms of incomplete digestive processing which in turn give rise to poor immune function.

     By following the NIS protocols, possible findings could be...
     Patient 1: Had an issue metabolising proteins, fats, & carbohydrates
     Patient 2: Had a viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic pathology present 
     Patient 3: Had an inappropriate recognition of antibody function
It is possible 3 patients with the same ‘labelled’ complaint 'allergies' will have quite
different causal factors, therefore the findings will be different.  

Under ONE umbrella NIS is a systematic means of evaluating all the possible
underlying CAUSES for the 'labels' below...

  •  Aging  (arthritis / joint degeneration/ osteoporoses)
  •  Allergies  (psoriasis/ hayfever/ digestive issues)
  •  Asthma  (respiratory complaints affecting both children & adults)
  •  Back & neck pain  (structural issues/ sciatica)
  •  Children  (reflux/ colic/ ear infections/ asthma)
  •  Chronic fatigue (ME)
  •  Circulation  (blood pressure)
  •  Depression (anxiety, stress)
  •  Digestion  (irritable bowel/ gluten intolerance)
  •  Learning / behavioural (ADHD/ ADD/ dyslexia/ hyperactivity/ aspergers/ dyspraxia)
  •  Men’s health  (fertility/ prostrate)
  •  Migraine & headaches 
  •  Neurological Injury (trauma)
  •  Skin problems  (eczema/ dermatitis/ psoriasis)
  •  Sleep disorders  (insomnia/ apnea/ tiredness)
  •  Sports  (injuries/ training)
  •  Viruses/ immunity  (colds & flu)
  •  Women’s health  (fertility/ PMT/ menopause/ pregnancy)