Testimonial – Allergies

I have suffered from allergies all my life. I would typically sneeze immediately after eating something I was allergic to. In my twenties I started getting severe headaches from foods. In my thirties I figured out what I was allergic to and simply tried to avoid those foods. This is how I have lived for the past 46 years. But since NIS treatment with you – now I can eat anything I want! In addition to being able to eat anything, my energy level has increased & no sneezing!
I have never been able to eat whatever I wanted without the risk of some sort of reaction be it sneezing, congestion, or headache. Now I can! So, thank you for changing a part of my life that I was sure wasn’t changeable. I am telling this story to anyone who will listen in hopes that they will experience this unbelievable change. Thank you again.”
Ben Booth, Washington USA

“It is incredible to see the grin this gentleman comes in with, his life is totally different. His wife does not know what to cook anymore. Thanks.”

Submitted by: Dr Kurt Edmark, Chiropractor
Everett, WA, USA