Testimonial – Back Pain

Dear Dr Phillips, I came to see you earlier in the week for the second time regarding a long standing lower back issue, caused as a result of school boy rugby some 20 years ago. I had learnt to live with the continuous pain and it had become part of my life, even though exercise would exacerbate the pain.

I didn’t have great expectations of being able to resolve the issue, simply because I’d lived with it for so long. In the first session you found a muscle that was not working properly, that was interesting, but it gave no relief to the lower back pain. However, on the second visit you found a second muscle not firing. To my amazement I then experienced immediate relief in your rooms. You took the time to explain to me what was happening with my body and you pointed out the exact muscle that had not being working and the impact that was having on my skeleton.

Before getting too excited I told myself it would probably flair up again with exercise. But now after two intense workouts and three days later the pain is still no longer.

So my sincere thanks go to you for the work you’ve done. It just feels so liberating.

I’ve now got confidence in NIS as I’ve learnt that it is a system that works. It may take a few visits, but it is clear that you’ve developed something that is logical and works.

I would strongly recommend that anybody who has experienced long term pain, or illness that seems unresolveable give the NIS system a chance.

Alan Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand

Submitted by: Dr Allan Phillips, D.O.
Auckland, New Zealand

Neurolink’s founder and developer of NIS