Testimonial – Cerebellum Integration & NIS

“Hi Kathryn, I have an incredible story to share.  It pertains to the new cerebellar integration protocol. Two nights ago, I was at my son’s baseball practice.  He is on a team that has sweet kids, but, they can’t hit, catch or throw to save them.

The coach’s son was practicing his batting.  He is probably the weakest hitter on the team. After he missed about 10 pitches in a row, I told the coach, time out.

Just for the heck of it I tested him for cerebellar integration.  He tested weak for cerebellum with visual cortex.  I integrated him and sent him back in to practice.  After the correction he connected with 18 out of the next 20 pitches. I found that 9 of the 11 players had a imbalance with their cerebellum and visual cortex.  After doing the correction on the rest of the athletes.  Everyone of them was hitting the ball, their fielding of the ball improved as well as their throwing.  It was like a completely different team out there.”

Submitted by: Dr Cory Sondrup, D.C.
Utah, USA