Testimonial – Electro-Sensitivity

I have been treating a lady who had been suffering from electro-sensitivity for several years and was steadily getting worse.

She was unable to even be on the phone for any length of time and did not often leave her house.
It was her friend that rang me on her behalf to see if I thought I could help; we decided to give it a go, and I met a very skeptical patient.

Since her first NIS treatment she has made leaps and bounds in her progress. She now travels on trains, has been to the hospital for her eye appointments, has been gardening, has had her grandchildren come to stay etc etc..

She is so thrilled (and no longer skeptical) that she has written to the electrosensitivity magazine, and her story has been reported as one of the main features.

Submitted by: Dr Sigrid de Vries, Chiropractor
Retford, United Kingdom