Testimonial – Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Numbness

I was sick for 14 1/2 years with an undiagnosed illness. Some of the symptoms included muscle spasms, numbness in my four extremities, weakness, fatigue, cramps in my muscles, sensitivity to heat, cold and light, blurred vision, unsteady gait. Over these years, I was tested numerous times, and no test was conclusive.

Someone referred me to Dr. Dave Auten in Georgia. On the day I went to see him, I was in a really bad condition. I was experiencing just about every symptom imaginable. Dr. Auten even had to assist me to his office. It was very difficult to walk unassisted.

Less than 1/2 hour later, after receiving the NIS treatment, I was able to walk out of his office on my own. The symptoms started to disappear. That was almost 2 months ago.

Since then, I have improved day by day, and now I can hardly tell that I ever had a problem to begin with. I have a brand new life. For the first time since 1995, I can actually look forward, to a life that is free of pain and crippling disability. I no longer have to make plans that accommodate pain. What a wonderful day to be ALIVE! I wish I could tell the whole world of hurting people about this treatment.

Tridiann Duncan, Georgia, USA

Submitted by: Dr Dave Auten D.C.
Canton, GA, USA