Testimonial – Good Health with NIS

It gives me great pleasure to state the following:-

I have known Dr. Allan Phillips professionally and as a patient for approximately 35 years. My good health, high level of energy and ability to keep working is due in no small measure to Dr Phillips expert ministrations. His knowledge and expertise in his chosen field of NIS is outstanding, and New Zealand is fortunate to have him.

When one considers that I am 76 years old and an author and still conducting corporate coaching and training programmes, counselling, giving talks/seminars in the community and writing books the thinking person would realise that I must be getting guidance and health care from an expert source.

In NIS Dr Phillips has developed a unique system of total body care, in which the brain is directed to order the body to balance-out and heal itself; I personally have found NIS to be the most effective healing method I have ever experienced.

To me it makes sense because the ability to heal lies within. What the brain can do to and for the body when rightly directed – is little short of amazing.
I am particularly impressed with three aspects of Allan’s work. In particular:

  1. His ability to accurately diagnose the problem.
  2. The fact that he does not keep people coming back and back. I have usually found that “whatever ails me” usually doesn’t take more than one to two treatments to fix.
  3. Allan is continually studying the latest findings in total body healing and health care, and goes overseas several times a year to upgrade his already considerable knowledge. The fact that he is frequently requested to give seminars on his work and findings to health professionals around the world, says it all.

I commend Allan and his NIS work to anybody who is interested in finding and maintaining optimal good health. I am delighted that he has “put his pen to paper” and shared his knowledge.

Testimonial from Iris Barrow
Author – Life Coach – Counselling – Therapy

Submitted by: Dr Allan Phillips
Founder of Neurolink® & developer of the Neurological Integration System
Neurolink Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

Neurolink NIS Founder and Researcher