Surgically excised melanoma

Do you recall a single challenge that was successfully overcome and went on to add value to another’s life? I’m sure you can, and what’s more you can be encouraged to achieve a lot more.

I had the opportunity to observe the re-growth of a surgically excised melanoma in the lateral aspect of the neck of an eighty year old woman.  Fortuitously, the prognosis was such that chemo and radiation were considered a mortal alternative.

So many cases that I am confronted with, have travelled the ‘road of fear’ and now seek alternatives to heal the ravages of poisoning and burning.

This lady and her husband at the pinnacle of their lives have seen cellular mayhem being contained by an immune system controlled by a congruent brain. In their retirement village the neighbours can’t understand how her energy has returned, and her attitude changed, despite her life being threatened by medical prognosis.
I feel blessed to be able to witness such changes in patients’ health when they respond to a law of cellular harmony.

I have enclosed a couple of photos, and trust you will be encouraged to go forward to treat the person and not the problem. After all that is what NIS is all about.


24 October 2006

20 November 2006