Depression & Insomnia: Is there a connection?

By Dr Allan Phillips, D.O.

The first question is "what is depression, & how does this arise?"

The second question "how does this relate to insomnia?"

In simple terms there is a failure of the body chemistry to align itself with normal cellular function and in particular the function of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is formed in the GI tract, in our platelets, and in the central nervous system. These three areas become points of focus in the NIS investigation.

Firstly, the left and right hemispheres must function and integrate automatically, allowing the combination of signals to be optimized.
This will immediately give us the ability to put our thoughts in pigeonholes both for filing and in readiness to retrieve as we need to. The left hemisphere is looking at a logical sequential judgmental approach while the right hemisphere is saying how I feel about what I'm seeing and hearing and doing.

Our lives take on forms of intense stress that quickly can put the brain in an overloaded situation which is one of the reasons why integration becomes so important.
Stress can take on many ‘hats’ such as fear, resentment, anger, aggression, anxiety, taking things to heart, grieving, and so the list goes on.
When we have the ability to manipulate these thoughts in an orderly way is like applying a filter to pool that is full of debris. Very quickly the murky situation has been cleansed to give one a clearer vision and alternative pathway. When hemispheric integration is reset with NIS and the ability to cope with stress has been supported, many issues start to fall into place.

Secondly, the subtlety of insidious stress depending on its nature will have varying degrees of chronicity.
Anxiety for example, can directly affect the stomach lowering its ability to stimulate gastrin and hydrochloric acid.  Any factor lowering the absorption of protein such as a diminished HCL will have far-reaching effects on fatigue and our ability to store adequate levels of blood sugar. In a similar vein, the emotion of anger will limit the liver both in its ability to store sugar, and its generosity to supply it to the heart, muscular systems, and in particular the brain. NIS protocols enable the brain to divulge the particular circuitry that under emotional stress is showing to be overloaded, allowing circuitry to be reset.

Thirdly, there is a commonality between low blood sugar, fatigue and insomnia.
So many people who are suffering depression fail to experience a solid and restful sleep pattern, a situation which compounds the very nature of depression.

One of the glands that have a direct relationship with the insomniac is the pineal gland. This gland produces the serotonin derivative, melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. When the level of insidious stress continues a demand is made on the adrenal cortex. This gland is responsible for maintaining appropriate levels of cortisol and in doing so will increase the levels of blood sugar through gluconeogenesis.

Stress however, over a period of time can take its toll where the gland fails to cooperate in terms of maintaining blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that excess stress levels and excess production of glucocorticoids is a major contributing factor to dementia and depression.

Helping fight Anxiety/ Depression

When treating anxiety/ depression it is important to consider nutrition. A good diet, and a balance of the acid/ alkaline levels within the body will go a long way to improving these types of cases.


Awakening - Energy Formula

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