The Enteric Nervous System

My present focus is to find simple answers to multifactorial questions. Investigating the intricacies of the enteric nervous system has been a very enlightening experience. I am most grateful for the help of Professor Giebel from the university of Greifswald in Germany for his most generous assistance and guidance with his research. The convoluted aspects of this system could only be classified as another miracle of creation.

Only this week I have witnessed positive lab data for 3 cases of myeloma, where the inevitable upward trend of paraproteins has been reversed. Paraproteins are immunoglobulins that are produced by the clonal proliferation of plasma cells.
Myeloma is a classic example of misguided intelligence that is capable of killing the human body. It has been my understanding that cancer is symptomatic of ill-advised proteins that fail to correctly instruct our DNA.

Sadly in these cases the haematologist’s role could be likened to a picture of a handicapped observer waving to the passing cells of life as they are mercilessly attacked and destroyed with current protocols employing chemotherapy and steroid intervention.
Appropriate cellular signalling in the human body is looking to be the only lifeline that we can grasp with any certainty and security to maintain normal cell function.

The NIS system will continue to evolve and continue to question medical dogma. Such dogma will be replaced with evidence based results stemming from intelligence derived from precise cellular signaling using a quantum physics approach.

Continued verification of results using objective testing is currently symptomatic of a trend for NIS to become more centrally focused on the physiology of the enteric nervous system. Further evidence based research will be shared as progress is made.