“The secret”

I’m intrigued how something that is promoted as ‘the secret’ has  captivated the minds of many hundreds of thousands. Keeping a secret, historically suggested that the content was either too sensitive or too personal to divulge to another party. “Top secret” was a 007 trademark to capture the intrigue of covert operations on the big screen.

“The secret” has been an excellent marketing strategy to capture the intrigue of those that are seeking to understand the laws of association. The laws of association govern human body function. Is it a paradox that in 2007 the secrets contained within the complexities of the brain still remain a mystery?

Science is still trying to define what consciousness and self-awareness are all about. It’s associated, why define it?

Here’s a secret: Your decision to take any action occurs first subconsciously and takes around 300 milliseconds to transfer into consciousness. Would the real secret be that the real laws of association can subconsciously evolve on the basis of a congruent brain?  A brain capable of success fully extracting, sensing, initiating, cross-referencing all thought on a subconscious and uninterrupted basis.

My experience has been to witness such phenomena as it repels the ravages of cancer. The patient has no knowledge of the NIS system, no book, no film and it’s no secret.