Alpers Syndrome

Alpers Syndrome / POLG 1 Mutation

Patient: 4 month baby 

Complaint: Lots of crying; very little, no weight increase at all; plenty of vomiting after only small amounts of breast-feed milk; very high body tension (opisthotonus & body locked in C-position, side bent right).

Medical Diagnosis: Mitochondropathia of liver cells (in later stages taking over onto brain cells too) or “Alpers-Syndrom / POLG-1-Mutation”
Allopathic findings: blood-samples (taken every 2-4 weeks) showed “alerting” liver parameters (GOT, GPT, Lactate, GLDH…) up to five(!) times over regular level; ultrasonic & cell examination lead to the mentioned disease which is meant to be in curable and usually leads to mortality in the first 12 months.

Summary: I found it very necessary to treat the mother as well (because the baby was still being breast fed). 3 weeks later all the liver parameters were back to normal & the little girl is (still) in perfect heath now – thanks to the LORD and NIS!

Submitted by: Stephan Breu
Osteopath, Germany


Alpers Syndrome is a progressive degenerative disease of the central nervous system that occurs mostly in infants and children. It is an autosomal recessive disorder that is sometimes seen in siblings.   Alpers’ disease is caused by certain genetic mutations in the POLG gene. This rare syndrome is characterized by liver disease, seizures and progressive, episodic psychomotor retardation.