Back and leg pain

Excruciating back and leg pain

Patient: Male 

Complaint:  Suffering from upper and lower back pain.  Pain in the lower back lumbar region and upper left leg. Loss of control over left leg with constant excruciating pain.  Taking large amounts daily of Oxycontin (opiate).

Medical Diagnosis:  Various tests done by University hospital include MRI, spinal tap and various blood tests.

Testing indicated: Chronic shortage of Vitamin D, low blood sugar level, large fluctuations of blood proteins & white blood cells. Conclusion from the Neurologist (and others): they do not know what the problem is and have suggested possibly going into a psychiatric clinic.  As they found nothing they sent him back to Physical Therapy.

NIS Treatments:  After three treatments the patient was able to get out of chair without assistance and stand erect without any protective slouching. Gait pattern stability was improved by 70% +. Cramping in legs stopped.
After walking outside of office, patient reported large change in walking gait – completely different from what he has experienced in past number of years with the various issues.

Neurolink summary:

Haematology reporting when viral pathology is active produces many questions that are devoid of answers. It is vital that a systematic NIS enquiry is employed that will eventually “peel back” the reasons for symptomatic patterns.

Submitted by: Nick Fritz
Physical/ Sports Therapist