Testimonial – Long-Term Sun Stroke

Hello Nick, I came to see you when in NZ last May,  . . .I came twice with my horrible inexplicable post sun stroke related symptoms.

I have been meaning to write ever since to say I am just SO SO hugely and enormously grateful to you.  Would you believe this, but my symptoms, which were so DIRE and have been for the last 20 years, seem to have miraculously completely disappeared!!

I had the best summer back in England, it was really hot and for the first time I wasn’t afraid to go out in the sunshine, I even chose the sunny side of the street to walk on when I could!  Having previously always been scuttling about seeking shade wherever possible.  I promise you it has been
like a real miracle, and I am just so incredibly grateful.
I must say I didn’t have a lot of faith in your treatment, but thought it worth a go, and now I am fully convinced!
Frances Cavendish, United Kingdom

Submitted by: Nick Fritz, Physical/ Sports Therapist
Neurolink Centre, Auckland, New Zealand