• Do you dread the arrival of pollen season?
  • Is that runny nose driving you crazy?
  • Do you have to avoid certain foods?
  • Are you ‘gluten intolerant’?

Are allergies ruining your life?

If you are afflicted by seasonal allergies, spring is one season many of us wish to avoid! But, is it really the change of season, the house you’re living in, or the food you’re eating that’s causing your allergies?

Excema/ Dermatitis/ Psoriasis/ Asthma/ Hayfever/ Gluten Intolerance/ Digestive Issues

Allergies essentially are a symptom of intolerance and reaction to food and chemicals internally, and to airborne irritants externally. The missing factor is why the cells have failed to respond to the challenge.

The digestive system is very specific and totally reliant on 5 phases of food breakdown = mouth/ stomach/ liver/ pancreas/ small intestine.
NIS investigates and corrects if necessary the signal requirement for each of these phases.

Airborne reactions stem from a failure of normal airway mucus lines to detoxify, trap and reduce irritating pathogens.
NIS investigates and corrects all immune pathways responsible for the dysfunction.

NIS addresses the reason WHY the reaction to the allergen has failed to alert the immune system (thymus, liver & spleen).

With NIS, practitioners are able to address the CAUSES not the allergy ‘symptoms’ and because NIS is completely safe and non-invasive it is effective with people of all ages.