Back & Neck Pain

Does your back go out more times than you do?

  • Is that constant back and neck pain wearing you down?
  • Are you fed up with repeat visits and only short term relief?
  • Are you sick of having to avoid strain on your back?
  • Is your back and neck pain something you have resigned yourself to living with?


Living in constant pain is draining and unnecessary. The cause of neck and back pain is often found beyond structural issues. Surprisingly, less obvious causes can create a great deal of discomfort. It is time to stop managing your pain and start resolving it.

Pain can be brought on by trauma, physical exertion, emotional stresses, arthritic conditions or even poor posture. On going pain can lead to more serious issues like mood swings, disturbed sleep, depression and vulnerability to infection with a lowered immune system.

Pain is exhausting and destroys quality of life. It needs to be addressed at its source. Many options of care address pain as a primary issue when in reality it is secondary and a warning sign of impending danger. These options only mask the symptom, providing short-lived reprieve. It is important to find out and address exactly what has brought that pain about in the first place.

Regardless of whether your complaint is acute or long-standing, your NIS practitioner will work to identify the underlying CAUSE of your pain. There are 4 key areas that lead to chronic, unresolved back and neck complaints: chemistry and hormones; infections; nerves; stress. Your practitioner will investigate and address how these may be affecting you.

Unless your health is addressed at cell level, your symptoms will continue to re-occur. NIS is a non-manipulative approach, is safe and effective for people of any age with back, neck or structural complaints.

Could the 'CAUSE' of your back pain be something other than the spine?