Breast Cancer

Dr Phillips, there are many awesome case histories to share. I chose this one because of the definitive before and after MRI. Dr Jan Ellison.

Patient: 46 year old female

Complaint: Worrisome nodule on left breast, extremely tender to the touch and painful. General ashen complexion. Extreme fatigue (unable to function normally). Depressed/ hopelessness, very tearful.

Medical Diagnosis: Possible breast cancer, although after the MRI her MD felt it was definitely breast cancer – the report was inconclusive.

Summary: After 7 treatments the MRI showed a previously noted plateau pattern was no longer detectable. All of the issues has cleared. She was back to work and happy, no abnormal fatigue. Completely engaged and back into life. Pain level prior to treatment: 10, after the NIS treatments – 0. She is not going back for any further medical testing at this time.

Submitted by: Dr Jan Ellison, Oriental Medicine
Hawaii, USA