Can NIS help Anxiety/ Depression?

The answer to this is YES. However it is important to note that with NIS we do not involve the mind.

The NIS system will address the reasons WHY a patient needs to take anti-depressants or similar in the first place.

With NIS your practitioner will investigate WHY the body is not coping and address the neurological and physiological impact the depression and anxiety is having on the body.

There are 4 key areas we look at in the following way:

1. Emotional:

NIS addresses neurological default patterns that are present. This is where each time the body is confronted with an emotion that has resulted from a previous significant experience, certain areas of physiological function are undermined. In simple terms, the brain ‘logs’ a file that causes certain areas of physiology not to work to their potential. Using NIS your practitioner addresses these default patterns by facilitating the resetting of the neurological circuitry. It does not get involved with the emotion itself. NIS focus and correction relates to any signal disruption that occurs as a result of emotional stress.

2. Fatigue:

This is a common accompaniment to depression. There are many reasons why a person does not have the energy they should; glandular function, inappropriate breakdown of food etc.

3. Low Blood Sugar:

Depression is often associated with low blood sugar. When blood sugars are low, the brain cannot get enough glycogen which means energy levels drop and the person can not concentrate, which leads to a feeling of ‘not coping’. Neurotransmitters stimulate available glycogen stored in the glial cells of the brain.

4. Higher Cortical Centre dialogue:

Higher cortical centre communication is dependant on neurotransmitters to function, allowing proper cellular networking. This becomes an essential function to support integration between brain centres

Helping fight Anxiety/ Depression

When treating anxiety/ depression it is important to consider nutrition. A good diet, and a balance of the acid/ alkaline levels within the body will go a long way to improving these types of cases.

One product we use in conjunction with an NIS treatment is Awakening by Oxygen Nutrition.


Awakening – Energy Formula

Awakening by Oxygen Nutrition was developed by a physician in the US to help regulate blood sugar levels, providing sustainable energy throughout the day.

  • Awakening improves oxygenation to the red blood cells, by preventing cellular rouleux (the sticking of red cells together), ensuring the cells carry blood throughout the body, which cleanses the liver and improves endurance and recovery.
  • Awakening helps prevent the fatigue that often occurs from stress, which in turn helps the prevention of anxiety and depression.

Neurolink® and Dr Phillips have supported this product for some time. For more information see the products section of the Neurolink website.