Chronic Fatigue

Don't let it wear you out!

  • Do you feel exhausted every day?
  • Do the simplest of chores tire you out?
  • Do you struggle to remember daily tasks?
  • Are you taking a variety of vitamins to increase your energy levels?

Constant tiredness is draining for you and your family! If not addressed more serious issues can develop.

Chronic fatigue can be a serious issue characterised by profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina.

By definition the condition does not improve with rest and is on-going. In many cases it can severely impair a person's ability to function. It is common for sufferers of chronic fatigue to resort to vitamin supplements to increase energy levels together with a change of diet.

If the body is not able to process, absorb and use the nutrients from vitamins or healthier food options, any increase in energy levels will be short lived.

With NIS practitioners investigate...

  1. All functions of the digestive process—this involves 4 phases: Mouth, Stomach, Liver & Small Intestine.
  2. Sub-clinical infections, namely virus, fungal, bacterial or parasitic infection. These become major issues that manifest symptoms of fatigue.

Only by identifying the breakdown in cell signalling from the brain will you restore optimum function.