Digestive Issues

These all fall under the 'digestion' umbrella:

Constipation  |  Gluten Intolerance  |  Irritable bowel  |  Bloating/ Gas

  • Do you avoid certain foods because they make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you get abdominal pain that literally stops you in your tracks?
  • Is your indigestion controlling your life?

Digestive issues are usually things we don’t like to talk about.... but they are more common than you think!




In order for the body to process food, the following 4 phases must take place... digestion, metabolism, assimilation and absorption.

At each of these stages thousands of enzyme functions need to take place for food to be utilised correctly by the body. Only then will your digestive system operate to enable cells to obtain energy, repair and restore, and fully support your immune system.

You should not need to avoid certain foods because they cause your digestive system to react.

Gluten intolerance is an example of inadequate supply of enzymes and hydrochoric acid that are basic requirements to breakdown and absorb the protein gluten. Under essential and automatic brain signalling, the common symptoms of bloating and bowel upset are eliminated.

Your digestion is responsible for the delivery of nutrition to every cell and is controlled by your enteric system that is commonly referred to as the "brain in the gut". The communication pathways between the brain and this system are subject to many forms of stress that can alter the communication signal. The altered signal will manifest symptoms that are familiar - bloating, acid reflux, constipation etc.

Changing ones diet wont change the signal.

The brain controls the signal to the mouth, stomach, liver, pancreas and small intestine. NIS will assess these pathways to allow the brain to take automatic 'ownership'.

It is not how much we eat, but how much we can fully digest, metabolize, assimilate and absorb that counts. To be well nourished is to take into the body everything it requires and to fully eliminate all the resultant debris.

At the Neurolink Centre we work at a cellular level to evaluate the 4 phases of digestive processing to establish which area/s is not functioning as it should be. Only by identifying the underlying CAUSE at cell level can the digestive issues be addressed, in order for optimum potential to once again be reached. And because NIS is a safe and non-invasive approach it is effective for anyone at any age.