Eczema and food allergies

Patient: 40 year old female

Complaint: Eczema. Severe dry skin from 8 years of age. Siblings daughter with eczema at 18 months old (after vaccinations). Hands: regular cracked skin and open wounds; also severe on back. Affects trunk, arms and legs. Food allergy to “yellow” products/ colouring.

Medical Diagnosis: Eczema – cortisone cream used constantly since 8 years old.

NIS Treatment Summary: Complete resolution of eczema over back. No symptoms on hands or arms and legs. No further cracking of skin. No cortisone cream required. No flare up of skin symptoms during period – usually worst time. Very happy with result. Pain level prior to treatment 8/10, following treatments 2/10.

Neurolink Summary:

The effects of introducing an antigen by vaccination can be devastating to any of the body’s systems. In this case the rehydration and resetting the digestive system empowered the immunological response mechanisms to return to normal.

Submitted by: Dr Bianca Dobson, Chiropractor
Melbourne, Australia