Patient: 31 year old female

Complaint: Pelvic pain and infertility. Patient had not been able to work due to the pain for the last 5 months. She would sleep 15 hours a day and had nausea, bloating lots of history of bladder infections and frequent urination. Her menses was every 27 days, presenting with clots and increased pain. Intercourse had never been painful before but now the pain was unbearable.

Medical Diagnosis: Endometriosis. She had tried surgery, multiple types of birth control and now she was on Prozac and percacet for the pain.

NIS Treatment Findings: The main issue found during treatment was virus, in a number of areas.  Over a period of 3 weeks she was back working and her energy was almost back to normal. She had one day of pain with her period but it did not require medication. Intercourse was still painful.

I went on to find other unresolved viral activity. She was to see me a month later after this but cancelled because she was pregnant!! I did a follow up call recently and she is feeling great with no pain during intercourse.

Neurolink Summary:

DNA intelligence struggles in the presence of viral antigens and frequently causes cellular instructions to be misguided. Given proper opportunity balance can be restored and in some cases NIS causes pregnancy!

Submitted by: Dr. Carla Wiseman, OMD
Vancouver, BC, Canada


The endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterus. Endometriosis occurs when tissue like this is found growing in places outside the uterus where it shouldn’t be.

The tissue can form lesions mostly found in the pelvic region, on places such as the pelvic lining (peritoneum), ovaries, bowel, ligaments and Pouch of Douglas.

Endometriosis can cause inflammation and symptoms include painful periods, painful intercourse, painful bowel movements. Endometriosis is a common finding in women with infertility.