Migraines/ Depression

Patient: 60 year old Female

Complaint: Migraines lasting for 3+ days at a time. Come every two weeks completely debilitating her. Depression, caused by difficulties to handle working environment and work pressure.

Medical Diagnosis: G.P prescribed Antidepressants by Psychiatrist.

NIS Treatment Findings:

  • Pain level prior to treatment 9.5.
  • Following treatment pain level 1 and prior to returning to work pain level 0 after 1 week at work. Able to relax and sleep. Migraines subsided, less intense frequency 1 every 3 months lasting less than 1 day.
  • Returned to work after 3 months – 3 treatments.

Neurolink Summary

Depression is depressed function due to irregular signaling in some regard. In this case the “filing system” was in disarray which is consistent with inability to find the right file at the right time. This produces unnecessary mental pressure. This gives rise to anxiety affecting poor protein breakdown at gut level, and then the cascade of toxic feedback to cause migraine.

Submitted by: Dr Didier Fouquet, Naturopath
Queensland, Australia


The answer to this is YES. However it is important to note that with NIS we do not involve the mind.The NIS system will address the reasons WHY a patient needs to take anti-depressants or similar in the first place.
With NIS your practitioner will investigate WHY the body is not coping and address the neurological and physiological impact the depression and anxiety is having on the body.

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