NIS and Animals

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) can effectively be used with animals. Horses, cats, dogs etc will all respond well to an NIS treatment. And because NIS is safe and non-invasive they won't even notice they are being treated!


It is a simple process for an animal practitioner to access the physiology of any animal to determine why they have the specific symptom pattern in question using the NIS system.

Practitioners who specifically work with animals using the Neurological Integration System have taken the work taught through the NIS seminar program and adapted it to use in an animal based practice.

Learning NIS for Animals

Please note, currently we do not have a separate course based on animals. However many practitioners have built successful animal based practices using the NIS system taught through our mainstream program. An understanding of animal anatomy and physiology is required, along with knowledge of the animals meridian system. For more information on up coming seminars see our seminar schedule.