Are you getting enough Calcium?

  • Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, essential to life itself, with 99 percent found in bones and teeth.
  • Calcium supports the nervous system, hormone formations and proper blood clotting PLUS regulates cardiovascular physiology!
  • Research continues to point to calcium deficiency as the PRIMARY cause of osteoporosis, the demineralisation of bones.
  • Obtaining calcium requirements through our diet is difficult.
  • Animals have proven that after eating relatively calcium-free diets, they are able to produce highly assimilable calcium within their bodies.

Scientific research on calcium has been used to develop the Bone Plants Osteo Formula. This product goes far beyond conventional calcium supplements, using nutrients that actually produce and preserve calcium within the body.


Osteo Active

OsteoActives helps you stay mobile and active by supplying your body with Silica through natural plant nutrients that may improve joint & bone health. Imagine a source of youth you could take every day.

Beauty (Hair, nail)
Healing, recovery

Neurolink® & Dr Phillips have supported this product for some time confirming its efficacy with bone densitometry testing. This product is especially ideal for pregnant and menopausal women. Please ask whether it may benefit you.