Could you have an infection and not realise?

  • Do you wake up feeling sluggish and un-refreshed?
  • If there is a bug going around—are you likely to catch it?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping through the night?
  • Is your stomach always bloated?

Can you answer yes to any of these?

If so chances are you may think they are normal for you - that is "just how I am as a person". In fact these things are not normal—for you or for anyone else. It could be you are housing a sub-clinical infection.

What does that mean?
It means that your immune system is compromised or pre-occupied. A compromised immune system keeps you sitting in the 'danger zone' where your chances of developing a chronic disease or more serious illness is high.

Let’s take broken sleep or Insomnia for example:

Do you realise that disruption to your sleep cycle affects the digestion of your evening meal? If food is not taken through all the phases of digestion and broken down properly, the liver will be burdened and will not function to its potential.

  • A burdened liver will not break down protein appropriately.
  • Undigested protein creates internal toxicity.
  • Internal toxicity can express itself by a range of skin issues.
  • A sluggish liver will translate to fatigue, low blood sugar, bloated stomach, and allergies.

One symptom has a huge impact on the body. Treatment with NIS will address the issues behind the symptoms that are keeping your system running at 'below-par' or 'just 80%'. This will in turn remove any potential threats to your immune system.

Keeping your immune response at its optimum will make you exempt from being a candidate for more serious complaints.