Meeting with Dr Bruce Lipton

From the desk of Dr K Phillips 

The times in ones life where circumstances become a confirmation of right choices, are both relatively rare but extremely thought provoking. Such an occasion occurred this week where a phone call culminated in a 3 hour lunch with world renowned research scientist in cellular biology, and author of the book “Biology of Belief” Dr Bruce Lipton, Phd.

Over lunch Dr Lipton unravelled the intimate correlation between the human body and the human cell. This same research is further evidence to solidify the quantum background that forms the ‘backbone’ of Neurolink’s Neurological Integration System.

For the last 17 years, I have advocated the need for the brain to bring the human body into subjection, in order to achieve cellular harmony and utilise innate intelligence. My lunch with Dr Lipton both clarified and reinforced the need for epigenetic research to clearly promote the basis of what constitutes cellular change in the body. Genes do not in fact control our function, instead genes are turned on and off by influences outside the cell.

This understanding has added to the golden thread of truth that was given to us by Einstein, David Bohm, and Karl Pribram. (Dr Lipton’ has worked very closely with Dr Pribram in the Medical School at Stanford University.)

Einstein advocated keeping things simple, but not simpler. “Simpler” has been subjugated by magic bullets called drugs. Drugs have, and will continue to manipulate and rape the human intellect, and accelerate the ‘slippery slope’ of a shortened lifespan. The promotion of the myths of Newtonian theories over the last 75 years are the success stories of public misconception as to what human potential is really all about.

The protein receptors on the cell membrane are the basis of our future, and can potentially offer insurance for an abundant life. However, If we live in fear coupled with ongoing insidious stress, then these protein receptors can shut the cell down with disastrous consequences.

Many people die with cancer but not from cancer. Collection of data through diagnostic lab testing in relation to applying Neurolink's NIS based treatment protocols to totally block glandular reaction is the focus of ongoing clinical research. The results to date have been a confirmation, that science is right.

It’s been a joy and a privilege to meet with that scientist, who has dedicated his life to find the fullness of life.