What we do is scientific and accurately different

NIS is an innovative, stand alone approach to healthcare management. Developed by Neurolink® in New Zealand NIS research is based on proven principals of neuroscience and physiology.

There are:

  • 4 reasons you may wish to investigate treatment with an NIS Practitioner
  • 4 reasons your cells are potentially capable of restoring & repairing cellular mayhem
  • 4 reasons why you may have blood pressure, asthma or cancer
  • 4 reasons that you are alive

With NIS we investigate these 4 reasons from a functional viewpoint. This is the viewpoint ignored by medicine.

If the prospective function of your body was thoroughly examined, your cellular intelligence would have a voice to speak. Sadly that voice is suffocated by the suppressive symptomatic assessment you have received from medical sources that are negatively focused on your future. What are the positive and exciting features that you can recall about your last medical rendezvous other than a prescription to stifle your cellular intellect?

So many patients comment about the speed of the brain to enable major changes to occur.

Your blood moves around your body completely every 21 seconds – makes 2.5 million red cells per second.

Have someone touch a hair on your head and you will feel it.... and be able to account for the sensory smartness of one neuron or nerve fibre of your brain.

So what do you think the other 100 billion cells are doing in their eagerness to serve you?



The Neurological Integration System (NIS) is the vehicle to reset disruptive signaling, responsible for the 4 reasons of life:

  • Physiology: what is preventing the normal function of how living cells function?
  • Neurology: what is averting the dialogue between the brain and the cells?
  • Immunology: what is blocking the fundamental pathways that control infection?
  • Emotional Stress: why signals and glands are affected by it?

Are the 4 issues of life working potentially for you?

The NIS system is safe, non-invasive & non-pharmaceutical. To find a local practitioner visit our Directory.