I was having lots of body pain and stiffness. When I wanted to go to the restroom it was a painful thought. I wondered how I was going to sit down, to say nothing of getting up. I had to crawl up the stairs and come down like a child. I would wake up in pain with cramps so bad I wondered if the Polio was indeed coming back and I would once again be paralyzed.

I had been to many local chiropractors with minimal results, even though I was being treated three to four times a week. The treatments kept me going so I could continue to work on my clients.

It was difficult to manage my pain but I was able to give treatments without my clients noticing my discomfort. One day my husband asked why I don’t travel to West Virginia and have Dr. Kerry Bertschinger work on me. So, I took his advice and went to see him.

I was not a quick fix but little by little I saw the healing. As Dr. Bertschinger and I have regularly worked on each other over the past two years, the benefits we have received have been amazing.
NIS has become a valuable tool in our practices.

I am now pain free and feel like I am 20 instead of 90. The freedom from the pain has allowed me to live a much fuller life. I have also made changes to my diet and have added regular exercise to my daily routine.

It has been a joy and pleasure to be in the Neurolink NIS “family”.

Submitted by : Dr Dorothy Grove
Harrisonberg, West Virginia, USA