Postnatal Depression

Causing Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, Poor libido

Patient: 38yr old female

Complaint: Depression (post natal) 4 yrs + fatigue and insomnia. Headaches (1-2) wkly – monthly migraine. Occasional nausea without reason, monthly cycle regular but very heavy, zero libido.
Medical Diagnosis: Medically diagnosed with post-natal depression and prescribed anti-depressants.

Summary: By the time of the second visit all the symptoms listed had improved dramatically or totally disappeared.

The first thing she said on entering treatment room was that she initiated sexual relations with her husband for the first time in 5 yrs!

Can the NIS system help Anxiety/ Depression?

The answer to this is YES! However it is important to note that with NIS we do not involve the mind.

The NIS system will address the reasons WHY a patient needs to take anti-depressants or similar in the first place.

With NIS your practitioner will investigate WHY the body is not coping and address the neurological and physiological impact the depression and anxiety is having on the body.
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Submitted by: Dr Karl Weber, Chiropractor
NSW, Australia