Spinal Injury

Dr Phillips, I just felt I had to share this case as the results were just wonderful using the new Masters protocols presented at Palm Cove.

Patient: 44 year old male

Complaint: Paraplegic for 19 months when squashed by a half ton pipe. Injury included 8 spinal #’s T5 – coccyx # dislocation & spinal cord compression T12, multiple rib and limb #’s and ruptured spleen, liver lung and gut, also had 2 cardiac arrests. Three days ago he underwent surgery to remove the rods from T11- L1. I was asked to visit him in hospital.

With severe pain he was limited to any movement e.g. picking up his water bottle from bedside table. He was slumped down in his bed unable to move, unable to smile, quiet voice and generally miserable.

Pain prior to his treatment was 8/10 (10 being the highest). When I finished he was pain free. Sitting bolt upright in bed, swinging his torso side to side, easily able to reach the locker behind him, raise outstretched arms above his head, pick up his water-bottle with ease – all of which he had been unable to do! His voice was strong and he had the biggest smile on his face. Just great to see!

Neurolink Summary:
We often overlook the potential of NIS when one is paralyzed as in this case, the lower ½ of body. The principles that govern tensegrity and pain control are extremely powerful. In this case the evidence of change would present a unique story for the surgical team on their ward rounds.

Submitted by: Liz Logan, Registered Nurse
Auckland, New Zealand