Patient: 89 year old male

Mar – Slurring of words, pale, disoriented, with very diminished peripheral circulation.
July – Patient was found in the dark by a visitor. He had lost track of time and the heater wasn’t on despite a bitterly cold day.

Medical Diagnosis:
Mar – Diagnosed as having suffered a TIA and discharged the next morning.
Jul – Diagnosed with Dysphasia. Doctors were convinced that the neurological damage was permanent and had begun the process of finding a nursing home placement.

Mar – Immediately after treatment his colour returned & he started to regain mental awareness.
July – After 5 days patient improved steadily and shocked all the nursing staff. After some rest and recuperation for the next 2 weeks, patient emerged from hospital stronger than he was before the virus.
Six weeks later he regained his driver’s license and continues to tell anyone who’ll listen that I’m to blame for him still being here! They remain bemused….

Neurolink Summary
Aging is a conundrum for medicine both in treatment options and perceived recovery possibilities. As long as the brain can signal to the cell any limitation must statistically diminish.

Submitted by: Dr Adrian Hubbard, Osteopath
Melbourne, VIC, Australia