Chronic Osteomyelitis

Patient: Female 54 yrs

Complaint: Chronic Osteomyelitis in jaws. Shoulders spurs removed. Movement in shoulders painful day & night.

Medical Diagnosis: The patient was seeing a surgeon fortnightly – fearful that the jaw might disintegrate. Had already had 3 months of antibiotics.

NIS Treatment Findings: After 5 treatments a steady improvement was noticeable.

Regular treatments, along with a modified diet and lifestyle change have now resulted in a reduction in pain levels.
Pain level BEFORE = 8/10 (10 = severe pain, 0= no pain)
NOW jaw = 0, shoulders = 4

Patient now receives treatments on a 6 wkly NIS maintenance program.

Neurolink Summary
Pyogenic bacteria such as streptococcus and staph aureus are stubborn (MRSA). The power of NIS to control infection is the ability of the brain to recruit ALL facets that would enhance immune response mechanisms.

The antibiotic approach is assuming that the“obvious’ should be the focus – However, the weakened immune system rapidly becomes the focus leaving the medical system powerless to offer any rebuttal.

Submitted by: Dr Elena Weiler, Chiropractor
Adelaide, SA, Australia

Osteomyelitis is an inflammation or swelling of bone marrow that is usually the result of an infection. Osteomyelitis, or bone infection, may occur for many different reasons and can affect children or adults.