Hernia/ Bruised Sacrum

Patient: baby boy, just under a month old at 1st visit

Complaint: Unable to lie on stomach without struggle, enlarged testicles, black and blue sacrum, constantly unhappy and stressed.

Mother had been given steroids at 5 months into pregnancy because her cervix had dilated to 3 centimetres. Baby was born full-term but with a hernia in the stomach aorta.

Medical Diagnosis: Medical diagnosis was hernia in stomach and doctors ordered an operation.

Summary: Immediately following 1st treatment: testicles shrank, baby could be placed on stomach without struggle.

2nd treatment 1 week following 1st: Black and blue sacrum disappeared.

3rd treatment 1 week following 2nd: Testes had softened, baby was happy and comfortable. Doctors cancelled operation.

Submitted by: Lynn Sanders
California, USA