Multiple Miscarrages

Patient: 24 year old female

Complaint: Multiple miscarriages at 3 months, nausea with headaches every 6 weeks, skin problems. After 2 stressful years setting up a successful business with her husband, she decided to start a family – to no avail.

Medical Diagnosis: Infertility. She had hormone injections, fertility medication, creams and visits to invitro specialists in Brisbane and Sydney.
She lost 3 fertilizations and was fearful to start again. Interspersed through all this were bouts of shoulder tension, and regular nauseous headaches.

Summary: She had 5 visits in total – 2 early in her pregnancy and 3 within 6 weeks of giving birth.

Treatment began September 2003 and she delivered a healthy baby boy at full term in October 2004. No longer gets the nauseous headaches and the shoulder tension has disappeared.

Neurolink Summary: Viral activity in the hypothalamus will commonly set the stage for CRH difficulties in regards to appropriate release of these hormones.

Submitted by: Deborah Mervyn-Jones, Healthcare Practitioner
Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia