Pelvic Instability

Patient: 29 Year old Female

Complaint: Pelvic instability at 32 weeks pregnancy. Pain in pubic symphysis & right groin. No leg radiations.
Initial onset was 7 weeks prior to presentation at the clinic whilst swimming breaststroke. Aggravated by rolling over in bed and getting up from seated position.

Medical Diagnosis: None, some physiotherapy, yoga, SIJ belt.

NIS Treatment: After treatment – moving without pain, walking easily, sleeping better, can exercise, feels stable, no need for brace.
Patient had no more problems for the remainder of the pregnancy & went on to have a healthy baby boy.

Neurolink Summary:
The implication of parasitic activity is subtle and compounding. The 2 major pelvic influences come from the dysfunction of kidney and spleen due to their muscle relationships conceivably. This could have formed the basis of the immune system difficulties.

Submitted by: Dr Adrian Hubbard, Osteopath
Melbourne, VIC, Australia