UPDATE- NIS Masters Germany 2020

Covid – 19  message from Dr Phillips


Greetings to our German practitioners

There has never been such challenging times as we are facing at present and I watch with interest how Germany is progressing through the pandemic.

New Zealand boarders are closed and we await news from our Government when the travel restrictions will be lifted.

This is impacting my travel plans to Munich for the August 2020 Masters.   I am so hoping that an opportunity before the end of the year would allow Masters to proceed.

The research will be promoting the most powerful immune support systems for NIS.

Some practitioners have already registered for Masters 2020 and I want to assure you that your registration is securely held by Neurolink Seminars and can be refunded in full at any time to you.

The registration page for Germany Masters is closed currently, which means that it is not possible to register at this point in time.

I want to reassess the travel to Germany  in the next couple of months  and will keep in touch with you regarding the possibility of me  joining you in Munich.

I wish you all the very best as you experience a changing world, a world where NIS offers with certainty, the profound support through the function  of a congruent brain.

With very best wishes to you all

Dr Allan Phillips