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Case Studies


Patient: 63 year old female Complaint: Fibromyalgia since 2006. Morning stiffness, whole body pain, restriction in motion, diarrhea, (irritable bowel syndrome), herpes zoster over left gluteus medius. Medical diagnosis: Fibromyalgia since 2006 (All tender points were found positive). The patient had previously had a carcionoma of bladder with recidivis in 2002 & 2004. Patient has…

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Hernia/ Bruised Sacrum

Patient: baby boy, just under a month old at 1st visit Complaint: Unable to lie on stomach without struggle, enlarged testicles, black and blue sacrum, constantly unhappy and stressed. Mother had been given steroids at 5 months into pregnancy because her cervix had dilated to 3 centimetres. Baby was born full-term but with a hernia…

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Patient: 45 year old female Complaint: Pain in both hip joints. Dislocated both hips dancing 2 years ago. Stiffness, feels uncomfortable. Client was a dance instructor, so this has affected her livelihood. Medical diagnosis: Hip-dislocation. Summary: After first treatment the pain level when down to a 5, balance was better, ankles ‘straightened out’ and felt…

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Ingrown Toenail

Patient: 14 year old female Complaint: The patient presented with an open bleeding wound on the big toe of the right foot. The ingrown toenail on the lateral side of the toe was surgically cut and removed 4 weeks before. The wound wouldn’t start to close with epithelium. Medical Diagnosis: Ingrown toenail, requiring surgical removal.…

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Knee Pain

Patient: 22-yr old Male Complaint: Very disorganized, issues from childhood abuse affected him on a daily basis. He had severe left knee pain. Medical Diagnosis: Knee Pain. Neurolink Summary: Knee doesn’t bother him at all anymore. He has organized his office and closets and now can’t stand anything out of place! He doesn’t even think about the…

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Learning & Behavioral Difficulties

Patient: 5 year old boy Complaint: Poor concentration, ability to learn and communication skills. Does not normally talk to anyone. Speech not understood as he misses the beginning, middle, or end of words – consequently only understood by Mum. Clumsy. Not toilet trained. Rashes. Adverse of being touched or have diaper changed by anyone except Mum.…

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Learning Difficulty – Adult

Patient: 46 year old female Complaint: Patient was working on a second Bachelors degree. She is a smart woman and typically earned A’s. However, she was having difficulty obtaining greater than a C in her statistics class. Even when working on her first Bachelor’s, the patient struggled with math. At that time, she understood the concepts…

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Multiple Miscarrages

Patient: 24 year old female Complaint: Multiple miscarriages at 3 months, nausea with headaches every 6 weeks, skin problems. After 2 stressful years setting up a successful business with her husband, she decided to start a family – to no avail. Medical Diagnosis: Infertility. She had hormone injections, fertility medication, creams and visits to invitro…

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Multiple Sclerosis

Patient: Female 33 years Complaint: Diagnosed with early stage MS 4 months ago. Medical Diagnosis: CT Scan showed inflammatory lesions in numerous aspects of her brain. NIS Treatment Findings: Patient was sick for a week as her body got rid of all the toxins. Patient improved significantly over the course of three months. Advised her on…

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