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From the desk of Dr Phillips

Meeting with Dr Bruce Lipton

From the desk of Dr K Phillips  The times in ones life where circumstances become a confirmation of right choices, are both relatively rare but extremely thought provoking. Such an occasion occurred this week where a phone call culminated in a 3 hour lunch with world renowned research scientist in cellular biology, and author of…

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Long term leg pain

Recently a patient consulted me in regard to a right leg pain that had persisted for 12 months and thought to be a symptom of a golf ball versus a sand wedge. She had received excellent care from a range of professionals including many x-rays in search for relief. On assessment of her, the sciatic…

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Surgically excised melanoma

Do you recall a single challenge that was successfully overcome and went on to add value to another’s life? I’m sure you can, and what’s more you can be encouraged to achieve a lot more. I had the opportunity to observe the re-growth of a surgically excised melanoma in the lateral aspect of the neck of an…

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“The secret”

I’m intrigued how something that is promoted as ‘the secret’ has  captivated the minds of many hundreds of thousands. Keeping a secret, historically suggested that the content was either too sensitive or too personal to divulge to another party. “Top secret” was a 007 trademark to capture the intrigue of covert operations on the big screen.…

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NIS continues to evolve

Hawaii in 1989 became the launch pad for the NIS seminar program. I was invited to share my understanding of the neurological/ physiological response to treatment using the NIS principles to a small group of doctors in Hawaii. This understanding grew to encompass research relating to learning difficulties in children and its relationship to Down’s Syndrome.…

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The Enteric Nervous System

My present focus is to find simple answers to multifactorial questions. Investigating the intricacies of the enteric nervous system has been a very enlightening experience. I am most grateful for the help of Professor Giebel from the university of Greifswald in Germany for his most generous assistance and guidance with his research. The convoluted aspects of…

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Pacemakers and how they can influence muscle testing

by Dr Allan Phillips D.O. What issue can influence muscle testing? A question that is frequently asked is what issues can influence muscle testing. Apart from the obvious, there is one issue that stands above all others. When any patient completes a history form, one of the important questions that should not be overlooked is “do you…

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How does NIS differ to other modalities?

by Dr Allan Phillips D.O. Practitioners, let me address this by asking these questions… Does your current method of treatment rely on… What you do manually, or by what you give your patient? OR Does the patient’s brain neurologically sense, and therefore readjust to its potential by acknowledging sensory input in the circuits being contacted by…

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