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Asthma/ Allergies

Learning Difficulties & Allergies

Are your child’s allergies playing a role in their learning difficulty? At the Neurolink Clinic we see many children who are coming for assistance with learning difficulties. This “umbrella” term can have many manifestations and particular problems for the children who are struggling with these issues. Aside from the many ways this issue can present, there can…

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Children & the Immune System

Is your child’s immune system up & running to optimum? At the Neurolink Clinic we are passionate about caring for children and giving them the best start possible in life. During a treatment we not only check and make sure that they are processing information correctly, but we are also very committed to helping their…

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Children & Babies

YES  Asthma & allergies             YES  Ear infections YES  Eczema, skin irritations     YES  Learning difficulties, ADHD YES  Reflux, colic & wind            YES  Sinus problems There is nothing more worrying than an unwell child. They can’t tell you what is wrong, which can be stressful…

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Do you dread the arrival of pollen season? Is that runny nose driving you crazy? Do you have to avoid certain foods? Are you ‘gluten intolerant’? Are allergies ruining your life? If you are afflicted by seasonal allergies, spring is one season many of us wish to avoid! But, is it really the change of…

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Eczema and food allergies

Patient: 40 year old female Complaint: Eczema. Severe dry skin from 8 years of age. Siblings daughter with eczema at 18 months old (after vaccinations). Hands: regular cracked skin and open wounds; also severe on back. Affects trunk, arms and legs. Food allergy to “yellow” products/ colouring. Medical Diagnosis: Eczema – cortisone cream used constantly…

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Testimonial – Allergies

I have suffered from allergies all my life. I would typically sneeze immediately after eating something I was allergic to. In my twenties I started getting severe headaches from foods. In my thirties I figured out what I was allergic to and simply tried to avoid those foods. This is how I have lived for…

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How does NIS approach allergies?

By Dr Allan Phillips D.O. Allergies essentially, are a symptom of intolerance of the body either internally or externally. Internally would relate to what has been ingested, and externally relates to airborne antigens that are either inhaled or come in contact with the skin or eyes. The causes of allergies relate to the inability of the…

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