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Hormonal Issues


Patient: 45 year old female Complaint: Hot Flushes – duration 2 months Neck Stiffness + pain. Aggravated by profession as a hairdresser. Medical diagnosis: Perimenopause Summary: Pain level prior to treatment – 4 Following treatment – 0. Hot flushes ceased. Number of NIS treatments – 1 Submitted by: Eleanor W. Chin D.C USA Perimenopause, also called the…

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Chronic Fatigue

Don’t let it wear you out! Do you feel exhausted every day? Do the simplest of chores tire you out? Do you struggle to remember daily tasks? Are you taking a variety of vitamins to increase your energy levels? Constant tiredness is draining for you and your family! If not addressed more serious issues can…

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Patient: 31 year old female Complaint: Pelvic pain and infertility. Patient had not been able to work due to the pain for the last 5 months. She would sleep 15 hours a day and had nausea, bloating lots of history of bladder infections and frequent urination. Her menses was every 27 days, presenting with clots…

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Sudden onset of Dizziness Patient: 32-yr old female Complaint: 6 week history of sudden onset of dizziness. “Feels like I’m spinning around the room”. No history of trauma and can’t think of a reason for it. Head feels full of air, doesn’t feel like a balance problem as such. Medical Diagnosis: Patient had an MRINAD,…

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Testimonial – Hormonal Issues

A female in her 70’s suffering hormonal problems (hot flushes etc), due to a pituitary cyst, has found complete cessation of all symptoms following a single corrective NIS consultation, and there has not been any re-occurrence of symptoms in the last 12 months. As a note of interest, this female was my first MDS patient…

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