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Back & Neck Pain

Does your back go out more times than you do? Is that constant back and neck pain wearing you down? Are you fed up with repeat visits and only short term relief? Are you sick of having to avoid strain on your back? Is your back and neck pain something you have resigned yourself to living…

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Insomnia – from an NIS perspective

by Dr Allan Phillips D.O. Pineal + Serotonin = Digestion + Energy ?? Is this equation a riddle, a nightmare or irritable bowel syndrome?! Not a day goes by without some patient commenting on or expressing some statistic relating to their sleeping patterns. A good night’s rest is dependent on the availability of three major ingredients: Cell…

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Depression & Insomnia: Is there a connection?

By Dr Allan Phillips, D.O. The first question is “what is depression, & how does this arise?” The second question “how does this relate to insomnia?” In simple terms there is a failure of the body chemistry to align itself with normal cellular function and in particular the function of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is…

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