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Men’s Health

Spinal Injury

Dr Phillips, I just felt I had to share this case as the results were just wonderful using the new Masters protocols presented at Palm Cove. Patient: 44 year old male Complaint: Paraplegic for 19 months when squashed by a half ton pipe. Injury included 8 spinal #’s T5 – coccyx # dislocation & spinal cord…

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Digestion & Nutrition – is there a link?

Everyone has heard the various bits of folk wisdom relating to diet & well-being – “you are what you eat” “its hard to have sweet thoughts with a sour stomach” There is more than a little bit of truth in these statements! The gastrointestinal tract plays a large role in health and wellness because it…

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Chronic Fatigue and Nutrition

What you can do to help? At the Neurolink Clinic our approach is to find out what your brain knows about the processes that are taking place in your body. Only by having control over all of these processes will you be able to enjoy optimum health. This is true for everything – from Chronic…

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